Pharmacogenetic testing comes to MIHA

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best care possible to our patients, the providers at Mindfully Integrated Health Associates have teamed up with Gentox Medical Services to provide pharmacogenetic testing.  This new and ever developing area of medicine goes by the name Personalized Medicine (also known as Precision medicine, individualized medicine, or genomic medicine).  We pride ourselves on having that personal relationship with our patients so adding pharmacogenetic testing seemed like a no brainer!  There are no needles involved – just swab the inside of your cheek, mail the paperwork and swab to Gentox, and wait for the results!

Do you seem to be someone who has side effects to all medications?  Do you seem to not find benefit to a lot of medications, even when on the right dosage?  You may have a different metabolism for certain medications – this is where pharmacogenetic testing may help!  The information we can get from this testing could not only impact what treatments may be more beneficial for you in terms of your mental health, but you can also take this information to your other medical providers to utilize for any other medical conditions you have to assess treatment options there also.  Talk with your MIHA provider about pharmacogenetic testing today!  For more information, here are 2 articles that give some basic information and more detailed information, or check out!