Suicide, suicidal ideation, and suicide prevention... in pop culture!!

An estimated 3.9% of Americans struggle with suicidal thought... while this may seem like a small number, it translates to over 9,000,000 people contemplating suicide each and every year! And this number rises to a staggering 7.4% among those aged 18 to 25! Over 3100 adolescents contemplate suicide on a daily basis...

The MIHA providers had the opportunity this past weekend to participate in a great STEM event at UA College of Medicine and took that opportunity to talk with young people and parents about this growing epidemic. While meeting such wonderful kids, we our selves were educated and surprised to find out that suicide and suicide prevention is being discussed in popular culture... A mom at the event told us her 8 year old daughter was singing the lyrics of a song by Logic and Alessi Cara... '1-800-273-8255' (better known as the National Suicide Prevention Hotline)! This past week Logic performed this song at the Grammy Awards accompanied by a group of brave people dealing with suicide and suicidal thoughts. Commendable!!

Always remember, you are valuable, you are loved, and you are wanted... even when it does not feel that way, life will NOT be better without you in it! There are resources that can help. Call a friend, call a family member, call 911, call our office, call 1/800-273-TALK (8255), but above all else.... call!!